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Forget ice buckets. This autumn, Conscious 2 brings you a challenge that can change your inner life as well as the world. With the One Month Meditation (OMM) Challenge, you will commit to one month, meditating daily, every day.

You’ll become calmer, more productive, and you’ll be helping raise money for refugees in Syria.

Sign up now, let's sit together, and change the world one meditation at a time.

Watch the above video to discover more.

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Deva Premal and Miten


Ken Wilber


Ram Dass

Tara Brach


    Namaste! Welcome back and keep up the path to inner peace.

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    What is the OMM Challenge?

    The OMM Challenge is your opportunity to establish a daily meditation practice with the support of Conscious 2, a world-leading platform for mindfulness, yoga and spiritual teachings online.

    We have created all the resources you will need, and made them super easy to access via this website and accompanying iPhone application.

    How does the OMM Challenge work?

    When you sign up, you’ll get a different meditation each day from our resident teacher Martin Aylward, designed to help you establish your own daily practice. You will also have free ongoing access to a library of meditations from some of the world’s foremost spiritual teachers, people such as Ram Das, Ken Wilber and Tara Brach.

    The OMM Challenge will be running through the whole of this autumn and you can start at any time during that period.

    Is the OMM Challenge really free?

    Yes, and we invite you to do two things:

    1) Make an optional donation of $10 (or more if you wish) to Care International UK

    2) Nominate 3 people you think would also like to join the challenge and sit together with us. We need your help to build the momentum and raise as much money as possible.

    Who’s behind the OMM Challenge?

    The OMM Challenge is brought to you by Conscious 2, the world leading platform for mindfulness, yoga and spiritual teachings online. As a thank you for supporting the OMM Challenge you’ll also receive an automatic free level membership of Conscious 2 and the chance to check out a ton more awesome content to support your inner life.

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    Support refugees on the ground in The Middle East

    The OMM Challenge supports Care International's Syria Crisis appeal.

    Staff at Care’s refugee support centres in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon are working tirelessly to provide families with urgent relief such as food, clothing and even money for medicine.

    Your support makes a real difference on the ground, at the source of the conflict.

    What is Consious 2?

    What is Conscious 2

    The OMM Challenge is brought to you by Conscious 2 - the world leading online platform for mindfulness, yoga and spiritual teaching online. Through live workshops, online courses and feature interviews, you can access your favorite spiritual teachers at your convenience, and join our rapidly growing community of kindred souls.

    Get free membership to Conscious 2
    when you sign up to The OMM Challenge.

    When you sign up to The OMM Challenge you'll get automatic free level membership of Consious 2 including a free weekly yoga class and 6 week mindfullness course with Paul Burrows.

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