Our objective at Conscious 2 is to bring the benefits of meditation to a far wider audience and raise substantial funds for charity through our One Month Meditation Challenge (#OMM).

How will we do this?

Our aim is to convince people of the many life transforming benefits of meditation by showing them how to build a meditation practice into their daily lives. We will offer every participant in the #OMM Challenge:

Instructional videos on meditation

A library of meditations from a diverse range of meditation teachers and practitioners A multitude of inspirational content, meditation tips, research nuggets of meditation benefits and short videos of how meditation has improved peoples’ lives We will provide the above benefits via a special website and a smartphone application.

How will the One Month Meditation Challenge work?

At the point of registering, each participant will be asked to donate to one of several selected charities an amount of $10, or more if they are able.

They will also nominate 3 friends to complete the challenge too and they in turn will each nominate 3 friends and so on.

We want every participant to complete the challenge of meditating daily for a month. We will encourage them to do this publicly via social media, and to share regular updates of their experiences including favourite meditations, highs and lows, what is helping make it happen and so on.

Conscious 2

Spotify and iTunes have transformed music. Netflix has revolutionized films and box-sets. Technology is now ready to revolutionize your inner life with Conscious 2, bringing you the intimacy and transmission of live workshops at the touch of a button.

We are rapidly signing up a who’s who of conscious living to our platform, offering everything from 3-hour master-classes to multi-day events. All content is crafted in our state of the art studio, bringing the power of in person workshops to you wherever you are.


Namaste! Welcome back and keep up the path to inner peace.

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